Welcome to XBeachMI’s documentation!

XBeach MI (Multiple Instances) is a Python wrapper for XBeach that allows the user to run multiple instances of XBeach simultaneously. Each instance can have its own settings. Possible applications are:

  1. Running XBeach in stationairy and instationairy mode alternating depending on the wave conditions
  2. Running XBeach with multiple wind conditions and averaging the result (MORMERGE)

A BMI-compatible version of XBeach is needed to use with the XBeach MI Python wrapper. The wrapper itself is also BMI compatible.


Command-line tools

The XBeach MI wrapper can be executed from the command-line using the “xbeach-mi” command. See for more information the –help option.


Source code repository

The XBeach MI source code can be downloaded from the OpenEarth GitHub repository: https://github.com/openearth/xbeach-mi/.

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